Condolence Meeting Held

JNUSU organised a condolence meeting at Sabarmati Dhaba at 7 pm to pay homage to Vidrohi, who passed away on Tuesday, during Occupy UGC protest. Hundreds of students gathered to pay reverence to him and keep the memory of the most beloved revolutionary poet alive.
At the venue, Kanhaiya Kumar, JNUSU President, spoke of Vidrohi’s untiring spirit and commitment toward struggles for change, his rebellious stand against all authoritarian structures, and his eclectic but extraordinary lifestyle. People looked up to him as a role model as he always stood true to his principles, never for once sacrificing his ideals for any political partisanship. He showed that a person can succeed if he is true to his principles. Kumar, speaking of the legacy that Vidrohi has left behind spoke of his strong faith and conviction in the way he led his life and the determination with which he marched ahead into the many struggles life had to offer him. He always asked students to remember him through his ideals and encouraged them to persist in the struggle against orthodoxy, patriarchy and forces of hegemony. 3
JNUSU Vice president Shehla Rashid spoke of Vidrohi’s resolute stand supporting gender equality; and his opposition against all totalitarian systems, and stereotyping of gender roles and differences. Many students including office bearers of JNUSU and various cultural organizations were present. Those present shared stories of their intetactions and conversations with Vidrohi. As darkness fell, the evening reverberated with the immemorable words from his songs and poems.


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