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Winter is Here


5There can be no doubts that we at JNU are “cooler” than the rest of Delhi, literally and of course, figuratively. Winter in JNU sweeps through the early morning mist, the mellowed afternoons, the brilliant haze in the evenings and the fog so thick at nights that it almost feels like a tangible presence beside you. Is it simply the difference of two-degrees in winters from other places in Delhi that transforms JNU in such surreal ways?

On the other hand, the autumn patiently watched us struggle to meet submission deadlines, prepare for presentations and work hard for exams. With the social life forgotten, sleep forgotten, students have only one thing on their minds: grades. Days go past us in a flurry when suddenly we feel the nip in the air and scourge newspapers (or our smartphones) to marvel at the drop in the temperatures. Unlike other animals, winter finds us busy rebuilding our social life, catching up on the lost time. Life returns rejuvenated with students slowly trickling to their favourite addas- the dhabas, and with political parties back in action, you may come across snippets of conversations on some upcoming protest or march.

And if you still don’t have a JNU hoodie, you must rush to the KC to get one!

Friends who whine to you about the long, cold and dreary days, give them a taste of the joie de vivre of JNU winters at 24*7 after dinner and show them how palpable and infectious are the high spirits at this time. There are no strangers in JNU. Sit with a hot ginger tea and debate on the social issues that grip the society, or plan a surprise for a friend’s birthday – winters definitely have more birthdays than summer!

And if it’s late at night, and you’re up as usual, and hungry, go for some hot chicken (or veg) momos to Shankar, or Lohit, or Chandrabhaga.

6Go pull out your dedicated couch potato friends and go check out the woods early in the winter morning, stroll on the ring road, go for cycling if you have one, and when the sun is out, take a book and read at the Convention Centre Lawns. And if you think the Lawns are a bit too far, you could always go to your much neglected hostel terrace and enjoy a free supply of Vitamin D.

In a relaxed campus environment, go for a new hobby, or spend more time in a section of library you’ve never been to or just talk to someone from an entirely different centre, for it is the company that makes the moment worthwhile, and not just the season. Most of these things can only be done in winters at JNU, and they are what make this place so special in the entire Delhi.

So, when winter arrives, and you happen to be around, let us together light bonfires, warm and bright and welcome all that the coming winter has in store for us.7


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