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What the Fields Remember?

What the fields remember? featuring the victims of Nellie Massacre explores the turbulent lives and the psychological strain on the victims of the dreadful event in Assam.

Screened at the Centre for Women’s Studies on the 12th of January, the documentary was introduced to the audience by the director Subhasri Krishnan. The massacre that took place in Assam on 18th February 1853 revealed the appalling state of the migrants, caught in between the ugly trap of identity politics and communalism. That day the entire state of Assam was embroiled in a bitter conflict between the local group and the migrant Bengali Muslims from Bangladesh.

The documentary that largely dealt with the trauma, suffering and emotions of the survivors showed how the personal as well as collective memories of the unfortunate incident, hang in the air like a palpable presence even now. “The idea was to bring into light the memory of the survivors,” Krishnan explained.

The screening was followed with a Q&A Session, where there were many questions on the politics, cinematography and symbolism depicted in the movie. This independent research documentary via PSBT/Doordarshan was first in the series of visual narratives reconstructing genocides that have occurred in the history of India. Krishnan said she is looking forward to the screening of the documentary in major colleges of Assam by the end of March.

Ankita Jha is in MA First Year (CPS) reporting on behalf of The Informer.


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