The Road Safety Awareness Program

Delhi Traffic Police in association with Honda under the corporate social responsibility scheme organized a Road Safety Awareness Program for the students of JNU. The event took place in the conference hall on the second floor of the old S.L building. The program was chaired by the senior officials of Delhi Traffic Police and by Prof. Rekha V. Ranjan, Dean of SLL&CS.

The program commenced with Prof. Rekha V. Ranjan’s addressal of the students with anecdotes and advices on road safety. Various senior officials of Delhi Traffic Police took turns at the microphone explaining different aspects of road safety. Students posed their questions and concerns to the speakers on various topics such as road rage and traffic lights violation. A representative from Honda explained with the help of slides and animation.

The program ended with a real time simulation in the parking of new SL building, for the students to test their driving skills and get helpful advice from experts.

Abhishek is a BA student at CFFS and writes for The Informer.


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