‘Invincibles’ Win Inter-School Chess Competition – 2016

“When different schools of thought bring their ideas on board, a fierce battle among thinkers will come forth”.

A fascinating Inter-School Chess Competition took place at JNU Sports Complex from twelfth to thirteenth January. Forty people from almost all schools participated in the event. Interestingly, it was a team event which comprised of four people in each team. The tournament followed The Swiss Manager pattern wherein each team countered the others in a series of seven rounds. The game saw women participants flocking in large numbers. After several challenging rounds lasting three days ‘Team Invincibles’ from the School Of Social Sciences emerged as the winning team. Shahbaaz, Yashraj, Aakash and Arghya Jana comprised the winning team.

Chess Convener – Shahbaaz Khan

Organising Team – Sports Office, Nidhi, Rahul Yadav,Shahbaaz Khan, Shambhavi Dhingra, Sonali Goel, (CESP Batch)

Lakhyajeet Taid and Jayanti Garg are B.A students from CRS working in The Sports and Fitness Pool for The Informer.


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