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Exploring the Sportiness of JNU

Or, 12 Ways to Become More Active While Studying

P1190357Few can deny it: living a healthy and active life is incredibly valuable. Yet many of us at JNU find ourselves increasingly lost in the world of academia and politics, and don’t make time for this precious hobby. To combat this, let’s take a moment to explore the benefits of being active and the many enticing opportunities to do so on campus.

For those who see engaging in sport as just another moral imperative imposed by a society increasingly obsessing over the ‘perfect’ body and weight control, take a moment to reconsider your stance based on these numerous other benefits of at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity.

For most of us at JNU, the major part of the day is spent sitting in classes, hovering over books or staring at the computer. Why not taking a break in between, to get active and then be able to concentrate even more properly afterwards? Since various brain chemicals and hormones like endorphins are released during exercise, it may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed, and better suited for productive studying. It can even stimulate a more healthy sleep cycle. Furthermore, regular exercise can help to prevent a wide range of health problems, from type 2 diabetes to stroke, arthritis, and even depression. Including some moderate exercise in your daily routine can do much more than simply reducing those surplus KG’s on the scale.

Last but not least, sports are just fun. They allow you to meet new people and shape memorable moments of your years at university, instead of only being able to remember the books studied and the exams you wrote once upon a time… if you haven’t forgotten them already.

Now that the benefits of sport have been established, how to go about pursuing them at JNU? To help you, dear reader, find your own little sporty niche on campus, the author collected some information about what is going on sports-wise on campus. Note that this list is certainly not complete – anyone with additional suggestions of unmentioned sports opportunities is encouraged to share them in our comment section.

  1. In case you fancy any type of Athletic discipline, you might want to become a member of the JNU Athletic Club. Every year, the club organizes athletic meetings as well as marathons, and tournaments, with experienced trainees organizing all of the events. There is no joining fee.
    For further information, contact the current club convener Amrish Niranjan, 9213992699
  2. Badminton can not only be practiced on the numerous outdoor courts all over campus; the JNU Badminton Club is also one of the most active sport clubs at JNU. Enthusiasts can play daily in the SAC/Teflas Badminton Hall. Guidance to new players is provided regularly, and basic training camps for JNU students are conducted in August-September (and February-March for advanced players). The club also organizes numerous tournaments and championships over the course of the year. There is no entrance fee, although you will need to bring your own racket and appropriate sports wear, including non-marking sports shoes.
    For more information, contact the current club convener Anurag Chaudhary, 9968621667
  3. Cricket enthusiasts can follow their passion on the various open fields on campus. Joining the Cricket Club offers further possibilities through multiple university-level tournaments held over the course of each year. Every Sunday, practice matches take place at JNU stadium, and on alternating evenings leading up to tournaments additional training sessions are held. Proper cricket kits are provided by the club.
    For further information, contact the current club convener Md. Shawan, 8447181281, and Gaurav Kumar, 9013350484
  4. A healthy alternative to physical exercise is mental pursuits like Chess. Chess enthusiasts can join the JNU Chess Club, which regularly organizes inter-school chess competitions and prepares the players for upcoming tournaments. The club does not have fixed timings, but is democratically organized around the schedules of its players. Joining is free of cost, though members need to carry their own chess boards if they want to actively participate in the game.
    For more information, contact the current club convener Shahbaaz Khan, 8727880972  
  5. Cycling in Delhi’s crazy traffic might sound odd at first. However, The JNU    Cycling Club proves that it is a wonderful way of combining fun outings, cultural explorations and getting active at the same time. Approximately once a month, the club heads out to visit cultural heritage sites in and around Delhi or go to events such as the Surajkund Mela recently.
  6. Jogging, Cycling, Power Walking: The ‘green oasis’ of JNU campus offers plenty of opportunities to get active while enjoying the nature all around. Best yet, exploring campus on foot doesn’t require any equipment—unless you wanted to invest in a mask to protect from the smog.
  7. The JNU Mountaineering Club is probably the most unique way of getting active on campus. The club organizes multiple activities such as high-altitude trekking, rock climbing, cross-country cycling and white water rafting and its regular treks during off-season are highly popular. In addition, the club promotes environmentally-friendly trekking and encourages participants to learn more about local customs and traditions. Membership to the club is opened annually, in March and in August.
    For more information, visit the club’s facebook page, or contact the current club conveners Vishesh Kumar Rai, 9013743215, and Sumeer Ranjan, 8285071352
  8. Tennis can be learnt and practiced within the JNU Tennis Club, at the courts beside JNU stadium. Classes for students are offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Rackets, tennis balls and nets are provided, so interested players only need to carry along proper tennis shoes and appropriate sports wear. The Club also organizes tournaments twice a year.
    For further information, contact the current club convener T. Suresh Kumar, 7838156517
  9. Practicing Taekwondo at the JNU Taekwondo Club is a great way of releasing tension and learning some discipline. The club has existed for over 30 years and successfully prepares a great number of students for tournaments all over India. Regular trainings are held in the SAC/Teflas Badminton Hall from Monday to Saturday 1830-2000. Members need to wear comfortable sports clothes or a Dobok (Taekwondo uniform), if available.
    For further information, contact the current club conveners Vikas Kumar, 8800761940, and Aakansha Bhawsar, 9555758120
  10. Swimming is also possible on campus, although it is not offered by any club in particular. However, the Khazan Singh Swimming Academy offers classes for beginners and advanced swimmers, for an average fee of Rs1500 per month.
    For more information, contact Mrs. Charulata Tokas, 11132933828
  11. For a relaxed and fresh start of the day, why not joining the Yoga classes at the Yoga Kendra next to JNU Stadium? Classes are offered Monday to Saturday from 6-7am and 7-8am as well as 1630-1730. With a small joining fee of Rs100 you can take part in as many classes as desired. Wearing comfortable clothes and bringing a yoga mat is advised.

With these tips in mind, there is no excuse to stay indoors studying all day. Get out there and get active, folks!

Gundula Haage is pursuing her MA in the Global Studies Programme and works for The Informer. 


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