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Overcoming All Obstacles: A Motivational Yoga Session by Tejasvi Sharma

A very special session took place this Saturday afternoon (06.02.2016) at the Teflas/Badminton Hall of JNU. Numerous students and kids of Unnoticed JNU gathered for an extraordinary session of yoga.

Tejashvi Sharma, renowned World Champion and student of Centre for German Studies at SL, JNU shared some insights into his own struggle for overcoming all obstacles in order to reach perfection as a yoga champion. Having suffered from polio in childhood, both his legs were afflicted in the aftermath. However, despite discouragement from doctors who predicted he may never experience proper functionality of his legs again, he is now performing the most difficult of all asanas with an ease that make them look like child’s play.

Thanks to his determination to overcome his physical inability, Tejasvi has been practicing yoga since he was only 5 years old. He has won numerous awards in national and international competitions, amongst others the silver medal in his respective age group at the 4th International Yoga Championship of 2014. More recently, he received the title of Unique World Record as ‘Most Flexible Handicapped Yoga Champion,’ which he got awarded on October 28, 2015.

The audience listened in awe to his inspiring story, which is an encouraging example of always striving for achievement despite society’s discouragement towards the differently abled. Those present also got the chance to experience some basic yoga routines themselves. After an hour of exploring the benefits of yoga, Tejasvi Sharma amazed everybody with a demonstration of his incredible abilities. The gathering concluded with a vote of thanks to the organizers and the presentation of an award to Sharma.

This session was organized by the Unnoticed Group, the Taekwondo Club, the JNU-DPA (Disabled Person Association) and the Vision Forum as well as the JNU chapter of Ability Connect.

Gundula Haage is a GSP student at CSSS and works in the Sports Pool of ‘The Informer’.


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