Protest at North Gate; Police, CRPF on Campus


Around 20 individuals gathered outside the North Gate this afternoon in protest against allegations that JNU houses “anti-nationalists”. When asked about their affiliations with the RSS, they denied it and asserted they were “proud Indians” who got together through social media. One of the individuals, Hari Om mentioned, “We are not from JNU but are here carrying on a peaceful protest against those who sloganeered against the nation on 9 February”.

Forces from Central Reserve Police were seen occupying premises along with the Delhi Police outside North Gate. When The Informer approached a middle-aged policeman, he declined to speak on reasons for the deployment of forces on campus. However, our reporters observed an A4 paper with a list of students who had organised the “cultural evening” with their contact details and hostel addresses with him.

The allegations of the police questioning hosteliers and identifying them through video footages of the 9 February protest have not been confirmed.

“Everyone has the right to protest but raising voices on disintegrating India is outright sedition”, commented Ragini Thakur, a student from SIS.

Kumar Prashant is a BA student at CRS and works for the Informer.
Dhaval Bhate is an MA student at CSSS and works for the News Pool of the Informer.


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