In Photos: Teachers Join Students in Condemning Police Presence

After a large showing at the JNU Teachers’ Association press conference on Sunday, JNU teachers and students alike formed a human chain in symbolic defiance of the recent police presence on campus.

See the story unfold in the photos below.


JNUTA held a press conference on Sunday afternoon to address the escalating crisis on campus.


JNUTA President and Secretary answered questions posed by the media..

2016-02-14 13.18.40

DUTA President Nandita Narain spoke in solidarity with JNUTA.

2016-02-14 13.23.51

JNUTA marched to join students at Ganga Dhaba.

2016-02-14 13.26.13

Assistant Professor Rohit rallied gatherers before the chain began.


One by one, students and teachers linked hands and stretched across JNU campus.

2016-02-15 00.23.58

The human chain consisted of thousands of participants.

2016-02-14 13.27.45

Activists marched along the chain shouting slogans in support of JNU’s autonomy.

2016-02-14 13.37.27

JNUSU Vice President Shehla Rashid walked along the chain chanting slogans such as “Student teacher unity, long live!”

2016-02-14 09.39.58

Shehla Rashid led members of the human chain in slogans and chants.

2016-02-15 00.25.42

The chain formation was followed by a gathering at Ad Block, aka “Pink Palace”.

2016-02-15 00.24.42

Students and teachers held signs demanding the immediate release of JNUSU President, an end to Police Raj on campus, and an end to the “witch-hunt of students”.

2016-02-15 00.28.33

Shehla Rashid spoke passionately to a full crowd.

2016-02-15 00.27.57

JNUTA President Ajay Patnaik addressed the crowd in support of the protest action.

2016-02-15 00.26.02

Media were present covering the entire course of the demonstration.

2016-02-15 00.25.25

This event was the largest mobilization of JNU students and teachers in recent memory.

Sibel Güner is an MA student and works for The Informer.


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