Alleged Scuffle at Courthouse; Professor Announces Daily Outdoor Classes on Nationalism



To a crowd assembled at the administration building yesterday afternoon, faculty members back from Patiala House Courts Complex, where Kanhaiya Kumar was to appear before a judge, shared how they scuffled with a group of 40 people in lawyers’ robes.

“We were seated in the courtroom and these men calling themselves nationalists told us to leave right away; having hesitated we were pushed, assaulted and sexually harassed, we were circled by policemen who largely remained mute spectators till much later”, shared Ayesha Kidwai, professor at the Centre for Linguistics in SLL&CS.

JNUSU Vice-President Shehla Rashid requested that professors hold classes at the administration building starting today as means of protest against the recent wake of events. To which Assistant Professor Rohit from CESP added, “the teachers will not only do that but will hold an hour and a half lecture on nationalism; our nationalism is not the nationalism of Nathuram but that of Tagore and Ambedkar”. He also shared a short poem in his speech,

“You may stone us but we will use the same stone to build anew
Because we are JNU.”

Nivedita Menon also gave her views on the recent events, calling the nation a daily plebiscite. “These people who call themselves today as ‘nationalists’ want Kashmir and do not want Kashmiris; we want not the land, we want the people of Nagaland”, Menon commented. “Do not thank the teachers for their support because it is now a struggle of JNU and we are JNU”, she asserted.


2016-02-15 08.36.56ABVP held a protest march much later in the evening from Ganga Dhaba to Chandrabhaga condemning the decisions of JUNTA and sloganeering “Karamchcari Ekta Zindabad”. A protestor mentioned, “We are here to march in support of law and order and to do away with anti-nationalists”.

Earlier in the morning, the Karamchari Association, which includes non-teaching staff on campus, held a rally asking for the execution of anti-nationalists.

JNUTA has called for a university strike today and Shehla Rashid announced a protest march from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar on Thursday at 02:20pm.

Dhaval Bhate, Kumar Prashant, Iqbal Vavad, Mansi Singh, and Sibel Guner work for the Informer.


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