A Prognosis for the Fight Ahead Dr. Rohit Azad’s Address to the JNU Community

2.16_imgIn the context of how JNUSU and JNUTA led student’s protest is unfolding, some very important announcements were made today in the Administration Block around 2:30 pm. Dr Rohit Azad (CESP) provided new insights into the ‘Lectures on Nationalism’ scheduled for the next 7 days. Students will be apprised of the timings as and when the specific requirements for the same are dealt with. These lectures are to be streamed live. As per his address, the lectures along with the movement will continue for two more weeks.

“We’re trying to get scholars like Romila Thapar to speak on nationalism. Anything we do from now will go up online. We are also trying to bring a panel of lawyers to lecture on the Act on sedition.”—Dr Rohit Azad added. He also mentioned the unwavering support of some international newspapers like The New York Times and The Economist. He further went on to highlight the change in perspective of the media after yesterday’s incident at the Patiala House Court.

“Indian media has changed its stand except for that one buffoon. The media is infuriated after yesterday’s incident. It is important that they convey a truthful account of what is happening within JNU; hence the media is critical for us. We don’t want to antagonise the media. We should be seen as cooperative. We would like students to use #StandwithJNU as the standard handle for Twitter and Facebook.”— was Professor’s take on the role of media.

Dr Azad continued with his address and appealed to the student community on behalf of JNUTA—“We’ve witnessed instances of violence against students and teachers outside campus. We have to be extremely careful to not be involved in scuffles or [be] provoked to violence. We have to give it back to them! Not with violence, but with non-violence.”

The event was followed by Shehla Rashid’s (JNUSU, Vice President) address to the gathering. In her speech, she spoke in great length of the Citizen’s March scheduled for the coming Thursday (18th February). It will begin at 2:30 pm and proceed from Mandi House to JantarMantar. Approximately, 10 buses will leave from JNU at 12 pm on the day of the march. She touched upon the Journalists’ march from Press Club to Supreme Court against the assault of media persons yesterday. On behalf of JNUSU, she appealed to the JNU community to turn up for the march in massive numbers.

  • A report by The Informer correspondent.

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