To My Countrymen

Friends, Indians, countrymen, lend me your ears;

I came to shutdown JNU, and not to praise her,

The bad is not oft interred with their bones;

So let us harangue again JNU. The noble Nationalists and Patriots,

(On the TV and other public spheres,

who have the last word on everything under the sun),

Hath told you JNU was anti-national:

If it were so, it was a grievous fault,

And grievously hath JNU answer’d it,

(Random arrests, hate messages on social media, media sensationalism,

Demonstrations, public trial by a popular TV show host),

Rather, methinks, there might be scope for more punishments.

Here, under leave of the Nationalists and the Patriots and the chest thumping populace

(With due regard to my Right to Freedom of Expression) —

Come I to speak in JNU’s demise.

JNU is my alma mater,

(Taught me the evils of scepticism, criticizing and disagreeing)

Hence, never faithful or just to me (or to my country):

And so the Nationalists and the Patriots say it was anti-national;

And the Nationalists and the Patriots who say so are honourable men.

JNU had freed many captives at home (and loosened their tongues!)

It’s seditious and dissentious acts did the general coffers empty,

Took to streets for netting more money,

(It could never manufacture numb, agreeable, skilled factory hands,

So much for Manufacture in India!):

Did this in JNU seem anti-national?

(Certainly, yes! What a waste!)

When that the Terrorists, Naxalites, Dalits, Suspicious Muslims, Uncouth Workers Unions, Unruly Feminists… (The list I am afraid is too long)

… Have cried, JNU hath cried till hoarse: “Zindabaad! Colourful salaam!” :

Nationalism should be made of shrewd stuff:

And so the Nationalists and the Patriots say she was anti-national,

And the Nationalists and the Patriots are honourable men.

On the nightly Great Indian Jamboree,

You all were told, explained and shown how

The Gods that rule over us all, presented her with a liberal democratic space,

Which she so many times misuse, was this not anti-national?

“Heck! Yes!” The Nationalists and the Patriots, the honourable men shout in unison.

I speak to approve what They spoke,

I am to speak what I do know (From all those in-depth analyses and intelligent comparisons).

You all have despised her once, not without cause:

What cause withholds you then to trample down her?

O Goddess of Learning! Maa Saraswati! Why have you abandoned JNU thus

(Cried another Devi, of Resourcing Humans for Development)

That they have lost their reason. Bear with me;

My heart and mind has seen light with all the videos, photos, debates, hashtags,

And I must pause till I gather fresh venom from them.


The writer is a research scholar at this abominable place seeking release. Views expressed are personal, for any comments or suggestions please write to roundthecircle.jnu@gmail.com.



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