South Asian University in solidarity with the Student and Faculty community of JNU.


We, the students of South Asian University, New Delhi (comprising of
students from eight SAARC nations – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan,
India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) strongly oppose the idea
that one’s nationalism be defined in terms of hatred towards another
nation (for example, Indian nationalism be defined as hatred towards Pakistan, or vice versa). We cherish the common cultural and social heritage of the South Asian region, and shall not let any kind of jingoist
nationalism being endorsed by any religious group, political party or state hinder our shared solidarity. However, in recent times, such groups and
establishments have unleashed an attack on democratic and critical
voices in our universities across the South Asian region, masked under
religious conformity, state intervention or sometimes in the form of an act of terrorism.

Thus, we stand in complete solidarity with the student and faculty
community of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in their collective
struggle against the ongoing police intervention by slapping baseless
charges of sedition on many students, including the arrest of JNUSU
President – Kanhaiya Kumar, and against the massive propaganda terming JNU as ‘a den of anti-nationals’. We would like to reiterate that our collective nationalism stands responsible only to the interests of our people and our land, and not to the divisive forces which have had, and
are still trying to create boundaries between us.


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