We Need to Stop Media Trials: Mohit Kumar Pandey

18 February 2016: AISA activist Mohit K. Pandey shared his views over the recent JNU crisis. “There is a need to stop media trials of JNU, people like Subramanian Swamy and Chandan Mitra talk about shutting down this institution… Clearly, there is one section of society that wants to shut JNU down and another section [ABVP] wants to be in JNU and tarnish its image”, he mentioned.

When asked over his views of the role of the Vice-Chancellor, he said, “The VC is a very new person, he assured students that he would take care of things when he took office… the Registrar has been giving inputs to him… he has taken irresponsible steps and its not acceptable.”

On his opinion of the 9 February 2016 event, Mohit emphasised that the videos were clearly doctored and Zee News has to be held responsible for its publicity. “People who raise slogans have their own justification and the government should engage in dialogue with them”, he shared.

Mohit also suggested, “JNU students should come out openly and clearly in the media and other public spheres, we need to raise the voice of what JNU is and what its ideology stands for, only then can such forces [like the media] can be confronted.”

Dhaval Bhate is an MA Student at CSSS and works for The Informer.


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