Concerns and Questions of an Anonymous JNUite

The campus is in a state of anarchy. We do not know whether we have or will have classes or not, or if we will be taking our tests as scheduled, or not. Decisions are being taken from moment to moment.

An activist would rightly tell you that the course of any movement is decided during the movement itself.

A left activist will tell you that the current government and ABVP are responsible for the dramatic events that keep unfolding on campus every day, and the right-wing ones will point towards the ‘anti-nationals’ who were absconding after the February 9 incident, but have now resurfaced.

Currently, our President Kanhaiya Kumar is behind bars. He has denied accepting a bail, and believes that he is innocent and will prove himself.

Since Umar Khalid, Ashutosh Kumar, Anant, Anirban Bhattacharya and Rama Naga have come back, the ‘movement’ has gained more momentum and consequently, Facebook statuses went up telling people that ‘the heroes are back’ and that ‘[he is] proud of being a friend of an anti-national.’ The absconding leaders are now ‘heroes’.

There are arrest warrants against each one of them, but the police can’t arrest them because our Vice Chancellor is still confused about whether or not to give permission to police to come inside the campus. JNUTA and JNUSU (lead by Shehla Rashid, of course) have met with the Vice Chancellor several times after the ‘heroes’’ arrival. Their stand is that the police must not be allowed inside the campus to arrest these ‘heroes’.

Doesn’t it seem to you that the JNUTA and JNUSU are shielding students against whom the warrants are out? I totally believe that Umar and his company (who were hiding [read: ran away] when Kanhaiya was fighting the battle alone) are innocent, but sitting at the Ad-block and singing revolutionary songs does no good. They should go forward and court arrest, as the law of the land demands them to do. If one is so sure of their innocence, one must not be afraid to prove themselves in courts.

There is no doubt that we’re amidst a crisis. The people who have been accused must go to police, court arrest, and prove themselves in court of law. It’s high time that normalcy returns to this campus. With a government keen on shutting down our University, massive police crackdowns are expected soon, and believe me, the police did not wait for the Vice Chancellor’s permission back in the 70s, and it won’t hesitate this time too.

The writer is a JNU student at School of Languages, Literature and Culture Studies. Views expressed are personal.


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