What JNU thinks today, the world will think tomorrow: Kanhaiya Kumar


4 March 2016: In a press conference held at the Ad Block today at 4:30pm, JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar expressed his gratitude towards JNUTA and the Karamchari Association for fighting alongside the student community during the recent wake of events.
“What JNU thinks today, the world will think tomorrow”, Kumar addressed the media, calling attention to issues of the fellowship slash, Rohith Vemula’s suicide, caste discrimination, women’s safety and fighting patriarchy that the university has brought up to the masses.

Kumar also urged everyone viewing him on their screens to think carefully of students being labelled as anti-nationals and terrorists, as they could be no different from their own children attending the same university. He requested all to scrutinize the systemic political attacks made on students and accept them instead as responsible future citizens of India.

Seated alongside Kumar were Vice-President Shehla Rashid Shora and General Secretary Rama Naga, beaming smiles and showing their support while Joint-Secretary Saurabh Sharma was missing from the scene.
Kumar was questioned by journalists regarding his stance on Afzal Guru, his plan of action and over the legal report that asserted him ‘to be responsible for his and other student’s actions while toeing with law’. His straightforward responses did not go down well with the journalists.

“Rohith Vemula and not Afzal Guru is my Icon”, he concluded as questions over his stance on the Kashmir issue and Afzal Guru kept coming in.

D Jennifer is a research scholar at CSSS and works for the News Pool of The Informer.


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