Holi Comes Early: Relief and Happiness Across Campus

The excitement and the relief of a win when you know you are right is incredible. This was precisely the emotion seen on the faces of huge crowds at Freedom Square, formerly known as Ad Block, after the protest demo on 18th March.

“जेल के ताले टूटे हैं, उमर और बान छूटे हैं”, the campus roared with slogans of happiness and victory. News was pouring in. The bail plea for Umar and Anirban was extended till 4 p.m. of 18 March. Bail was granted to them for a 6-month tenure.

Flushed red faces and an air of victory overwhelmed campus. Within minutes of Kanhaiya’s speech at the afternoon’s protest demo, bail was granted to Umar and Ban. The crowd cheered in unison and threw bursts of holi colors into the air – red, green and pink. The joyous rainbows on every smiling face, representing the tough work after past days finally paying off, was a sight worth celebration.

They danced, they cheered, they sang of success. The hugs and laughter echoed all around the campus. The crowd proceeded towards Sabarmati Dhaba to dance and to give enough space for the movie screening event with Anupam Kher.

Kanhaiya Kumar, Shehla Rashid and others finally wore a calm face after days long struggle. Today, spring at JNU saw its brightest and most colourful day!



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