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JNU on HOLIday: Festival of Colours in Photos


Holi is a spectacular site all across India, but it takes on a special meaning at JNU.

On Thursday morning, throngs of students across disparate political parties and social groups converged on Jhelum lawns to bask in their shared love of rainbow colours and immeasurable quantities of bhang. The festival moved some to such extremes as ambush water gun attacks, mud fights, and t-shirt destruction. But for the grand majority, the festival of colours was a stunningly beautiful day of shared intimacy and joy.

20160324_024257_1DSC02040DSC02064DSC02044DSC0203620160324_031142_2DSC0210720160324_025500_2DSC02120DSC0212320160324_024901_2DSC0204220160324_031121_1DSC0205020160324_025439_2DSC02055DSC02003The water/mud section that I avoided at all costsDSC0204320160324_024822_1DSC0199720160324_024419_2DSC0204720160324_065832_2

Until next year, colour festival!

Photos contributed by MA students in CSSS Defbry Margiansyah, Julia Eremyanova, and Sibel Guner, who also works at The Informer. 


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