JNU’s Annual Open Badminton Tournament Held

30 March 2016: The Annual JNU Open Badminton Championship, organised by JNU Badminton Club, from 25 to 27 March 2016  was held in Students Activity Centre (Teflas).

      The tounaments were conducted in four categories: men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles and mixed doubles. Knock out pattern was followed throughout the tournament.

      A total thirteen players signed up for the competition. Women’s doubles championship had to be discarded since no players showed up for it. The organizers later confessed that they were expecting more number of players this year. 

     In the men’s singles final Bhupinder Kumar triumphed over Rajesh Soami 21-18, 28-26 in 33 minutes. Praveen Rai and Manish Kumar defeated Ankit Kumar and Arindom Mondol  21-15, 21-15 in  men’s doubles final. Swati Kumari was declared the winner of women’s singles without any opposition and same went for the mixed doubles final: Anurag Chaudhary and Swati Kumari were declared winners.

Further details of the winners are:

1) Bhupinder Kumar(Winner),SSS
2) Rajesh Soami(Runner-up ),SIS
3) Praveen Rai (Winner),SES
4) Manish Kumar(Winner),SES
5) Swati Kumari(Winner),SSS
6) Anurag Chaudhary(Winner)SES

Lakhyajit Taid is a BA student in CRS and works for the Sports Pool at The Informer.


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