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Being Healthy: Some Thoughts on 7 April, World Health Day


There are several components to healthy living and being. And there are several facets of the term healthy. What is healthy? What is not healthy? To this my simple answer would be, anything in excess is unhealthy, and similarly anything in moderation is healthy.

Eating is healthy. Sleeping and relaxing is healthy. Watching your favourite TV channel and laughing out loud is healthy. Talking and sharing your thoughts with a loved one over the phone (be it texting or conversing) is healthy. Crying is healthy. Catching up with your friends while dinning at your favourite restaurant is healthy. A friend once told me cooking is the most therapeutic activity, so I guess cooking has positive impact on your health too!

What is more, having and acting on your obsessive compulsive disorders (OCDs) and your nervous antics are healthy too. They provide an outlet to your anxieties and nervousness. Talking to yourself is very, very healthy (and sane). Sometimes when you feel too tired and exhausted with life, suspending all activities, putting a break to daily-practices, is healthy too. Being quiet and withdrawing from the world can at times be very healthy; being extrovert, I read somewhere is highly over-rated.
Working till 4 in the morning, to unburden yourself from the pile of work, is healthy, provided you get ample amount of sleep later; as much as being an early bird. Having alternate schedule is healthy; provided you balance out everything—work, rest, recreation, and so on. Sometimes not having a routine, chaos is healthy too, not to mention exciting.

Having a hobby is supremely healthy. Be it anything, from collecting curios, to chasing clouds, to following cricket. Being preoccupied and busy is healthy. It exerts your body and challenges you to employ your potentials to the utmost, bringing out the best in you.

Notions about health, fitness and well-being are never constant. Because our surroundings, the environment around us, our day-to-day situation, our personal goals and expectations, our thoughts, emotions and even our capabilities, our relations and material belongings change with time. And hence that which is beneficial and that which is not beneficial to the well-being of an individual varies with time, place, situation, and from people to people.

“Being healthy” is a state of mind. True. “Being healthy” is also, a process. It is “being”, in the most active sense of the verb “being”. It is working out with the limitations, surviving and struggling with whatever means available, negotiating and conversing with whatever is offered, and living with hope and dreams for something bigger, brighter and better. “Healthy” is not an end, it is living to the utmost, not at all prolonged living, but living in whatever way it works for you, suits you.

7 April, is World Health Day, make a promise to allow yourself to grow and nurture.

The writer works at The Informer, views expressed are personal.