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A Hiatus of Heat


In the dark night

I saw through the mosquito net –covered window

With my own sleep-addled eyes

The trees swaying gently.

The cool moist air

Thrown out by the cooler

Reminded me of balmy sea air

And the water dripping down its sides

Made the sound of July rain.

Ah, to be standing facing the sea

Gentle rain pelting me

Breeze billowing about

Feet washed by the waves.

No more of this heat-induced

Daze and delirium.

One could always dream in this hellish heat.

But alas

The reverie was cut short

As the howl of the hostel dog

Penetrated my ears

As the mosquito drank deeply

From near my knee.

Alas, this would be a difficult summer.

This poem was written when I saw trees swaying in the wind, just the way they do when it’s about to rain. But instead of rain, there was just another gust of hot wind. Rains remain a distant dream for now and writing about them is all I can do!

Manjiri Dahanukar is a MA student at CFFS.