Sublime Summer Trekking by JNU Mountaineering Club to Bhabha Pass


22 June 2016: JNU Mountaineering Club returned all the way from Kafnu village after a week long arduous trekking in Himachal Pradesh. The trekking team consisted of ten students across schools and centres. These  students had gone  through  rigorous physical training conducted by the club for 17 days on campus grounds. Only those certified medically fit after completion of the training were allowed to go.


The group started their journey on 3 June from  ISBT  Kashmere Gate by bus  and deboarded  at Bhabha Nagar in Kannaur, Himachal Pradesh. The group then made its way to Kafnu village (1483 m to 5500 m), which is the starting point of Bhabha Pass. Kafnu is the last human settlement village in Kannaur district.

The group arrived at the base camp of the pass after four days of trekking through the forests, grasslands, river streams, morraine and snow covered glaciers. The attempts of crossing the pass on the fifth day were stalled by a major landslide around 400m below the final point which led to the termination of their trekking before reaching the destination.


The trek route was as follows :

Day 1 : Kafnu village to Muling Village.

Day 2 : Muling Village to Kaara.

Day 3 : Rest.

Day 4 : Kara to Pustirang (Base Camp).

Day 5 : Base Camp to Muling.

Day 6 : Kafnu.


Reportedly, a few members of the group wanted to take up the task of building a new route, however, the group leader in consultation with the guide and other experienced members of the group took the decision to take the same route back instead of moving forward towards the Pin valley in Lahaul and Spiti district.

During the trek, a handful of members faced temporary mountain sickness due to lack of sufficient oxygen in the air with rising altitudes. Proper medication and rest recovered them after a few hours.


Lakhyajit Taid is a BA student in CRS and works for the Sports and Fitness Pool of The Informer.