AISA-SFI Alliance Sweeps Election, BAPSA Sets the Ground

gfd.png10 August 2016│10.30 PM: AISA-SFI panel won JNUSU election bagging all four central panel seats. The new phenomenon Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students Association (BAPSA) made their presence visible in the campus through a close fight.


Mohit from AISA has been declared the president having secured 1954 votes. The number of votes he received in the School of Social Sciences to which he belongs and the School of Languages which has always proven to be a bastion for AISA made the difference. Rahul of BAPSA who lost by a margin of 409 votes got a lead in the School of International Studies and the Special Schools (SAA, CSLG and CHH).


ABVP failed to win any seat despite it had one last year, however final results show the strong support ABVP has managed to garner in the campus which cannot be underestimated. Had it not been for the left alliance they would have managed to secure at least two posts in the central panel.


Rahul of BAPSA who contested for the post of president and Pratim of DSF who contested for the post of the joint secretary emerged as the formidable opponents. Pratim was bested by Tabrez from AISA by a difference of some 436 votes.


Inspite of being left out from the left alliance DSF made its mark securing 1234 votes. Most of the members were seen in tears however they can console themselves for having a thousand strong supporters in the campus.


SFI got a central panel seat after a long time and clearly benefitted from the left alliance. Amal was elected for the post of vice president and Satarupa for the post of general secretary, both winning by a margin of more than 1000 votes.

The turnout for the 2016 election was 58% which is slightly better than the last year’s 53%. The polling came to an end with the declaration of final results which was followed by a victory march by the left alliance and another independent march by BAPSA.

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