On the Rearview Mirror: JNUSU Office Bearers Since 2012


Teflas: The seat  of JNUSU 

The anticipation culminating into the climax that reached its fever-pitch on 9 September 2016 with the AISA-SFI led Left Alliance clinching all the four central panel posts has now given way to a different set of expectations, anticipations and concerns. How will JNUSU seek to tread the altered grounds of JNU? 

Clearly much has changed, for better or for worse, is yet to be seen. Here, we thought of reminding  our readers how far party politics in JNU has changed from the yonder days of AISA dominated JNUSU. SFI was a thing of past and after differences started brewing within its own faction, many in the campus wondered if it will ever be able to get back on its feet. DSF’s resounding success in the year 2012 when it debuted was a sign that new independent groups can succeed if determined to win and challenge the veterans on their own turf.

Next, 2015 threw plenty of surprises with the ascent of the country’s oldest student political group AISF through Kanhaiya. It also signalled a shift in the campus politics after a long time, with a central panel seat secured by ABVP. Apparently it was also the year that BAPSA came into existence.

Fast forward to 9 September 2016. The campus definitely looks more colourful.

“Tomorrow is another day!”

2012 March:

President: Sucheta De (AISA)

Vice President: Abhishesk Kumar Yadav (AISA)

General Secretary: Ravi Prakash Singh (AISA)

Joint Secretary: Mohammad Firoz Ahamed (AISA)

2012 September:

President:V Lenin Kumar (DSF)

Vice President: Minakshi Buragohain (AISA)

General Secretary: Shakeel Anjum (AISA)

Joint Secretary: Piyush Raj (AISA)

2013 September: 

President: Akbar Chaudhary (AISA)

Vice President: Anubhuti Agnes (AISA)

General Secretary: Sandeep Saurav (AISA)

Joint Secretary: Sarfaraz Hamid (AISA)

2014 September:

President: Ashutosh Kumar (AISA)

Vice President: Anant Prakash (AISA)

General Secretary: Chintu Kumari (AISA)

Joint Secretary: Shafqat Hussain Butt (AISA)

2015 September:

President: Kanhaiya Kumar (AISF)

Vice President: Shehla Rashid Shora (AISA)

General Secretary: Rama Naga (AISA)

Joint Secretary: Saurabh Kumar Sharma (ABVP)

2016 September:

President: Mohit Kumar Pandey (AISA)

Vice President: Amal PP (SFI)

General Secretary: Satarupa Chakraborty (SFI)

Joint Secretary: Tabrez Hasan (AISA)

Compiled by Iqbal Vavad, a student of CSSS and works for The Informer.