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20 September 2016 | Today in the afternoon, the JNU website uploaded information on the “Jan Jan JNU” or The Open University Day. The event which is scheduled to take place on November 21 (Monday) from 10 AM TO 3 PM in the university campus will provide an opportunity for outsiders especially school children to visit the campus, and get themselves acquainted with the various Schools and Centers, kinds of research projects being undertaken, academic achievements, career prospects and so on.

“The primary objective of the event is to show case JNU contributions to the school children which can serve as a source of inspiration for carrying out their career as future researchers, academicians and engines of social change. This will also provide an opportunity to the young students to have personal interactions with the JNU faculty and research students to discuss about career prospects through higher education,” said the circular.

Schools are expected to register on a website which will be launched especially for the program. Common citizens will be issued a visitor pass from North Gate, while school buses will be allowed from the East Gate. The circular also talks about eminent scholars and scientists in the guest list.

Regarding the proposed list of events, the circular mentioned, “The main exhibition area will be around the Convention Center including the corridors and the lawns. However, children can also visit different academic and research units (i.e. Schools and Centers) located on the circular road. Various facets of JNU contributions will be exhibited through stalls, posters and movies. Each academic unit will showcase their activity by setting up stalls and posters with the help of faculty and student volunteers. The JNU movie will be shown in the main Hall of the Convention Center. Student volunteers from JNU will be provided certificates of appreciation.”

  • The Informer correspondent.