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Day 2: Zikr-e-Yaar chale: Soopanwa ka Sapna

19th September, 2016 | The second day of the theatre festival ‘Zikr-e-Yaar Chale,’ presented by IPTA (Patna) organized by Bahroop on its 20th anniversary celebrating Shahid Anwar, received a warm welcome from the audience. The cast of the play “Soopanwa ka Sapna” acted brilliantly depicting the reality of power equation as is and as was in the past. The celebration of drama through the script, which reflected in the acting of the cast, was also displayed in the collaboration that came from the other corners of the performance such as the stage effects, the backstage lighting and the helping staff.

The play was staged in the offset of a rural background where power equation is based initially on the family’s wealth and stature. The lead of the play Soopna fights against the evils of elitism and resists from giving up. He in the most humorous manner at a point puts up a very valid point of “Why not us and everybody?” The supporting cast very brilliantly depicted a blinding rage of gullible spectators who easily succumb to societal norms and hierarchies. The play provocatively mirrored the burning reality of the society where hierarchies play an eminent role in dividing people.

The director Tanwir Akhtar made it a point to put forth the idea of ‘dreams’ as inspired by the collective struggles faced by people who live curbed lives due to oppressive powers. The actors Deepak Kumar (Soopna) and Piyush Singh (Babusaheb) showcased their acting skills with prominence in a very believable accent!

The play was staged by Indian People’s Theatre Association, Patna (IPTA, Patna) which has an important role in bringing cultural awakening in the country and along with political definitions that are projected in most of their plays. The lighting beams and the positioning of the characters along with the stage setup were appealing to the audience and complimented the play brilliantly! The cast and the crew were felicitated towards the end of the play by one and all through the loud cheers in the auditorium.

Ankita Jha is an MA student at CPS, SSS and works in the Arts and Culture Pool of The Informer.