JNU Marches to Vasant Kunj Police Station for Najeeb Ahmad

17 October 2016 | 9:30 PM: Around 500 students assembled at Ganga Dhaba last night in response to JNUSU’s call for protest march to Vasant Kunj Police Station to register a case against the accused in disappearance of Najeeb Ahmad, a student from School of Biotechnology, JNU.

pjimage (3).jpgAmidst slogans of ‘We want Justice!’ and placards bearing the declaration ‘We are Najeeb’, the march kicked off with a speech by Mohit Pandey, President, JNUSU, who said, ‘The administration is busy protecting the Right, ignoring the fact that a student has been missing for 3 days. Their press release has the same language as the one released by ABVP, albeit softer. No action has been taken on their part so far, apart from a meeting that was attended, appallingly, by Saurabh Sharma. We, the students of JNU, will show tonight that we are not dependent on the Sanghi administration. We will file an FIR against ABVP members who attacked Najeeb, ourselves.’

The march reached the police station around 11:20 PM, where the students were asked by Mohit to sign the petition for the FIR. The ACP came out around 11:45 PM to address those assembled. Declaring his utmost respect and sympathies for JNU students, he said, ‘All investigations pertaining to the matter are on-going and we ensure time-bound action on it. Your office bearers have constantly been in touch with me, and in return I have directed a big chunk of my office to work on finding Najeeb.’

He added that he had been apprised of Najeeb’s mental health condition by his brother, Mujeeb, and his roommate, Qasim and investigations pertaining to the violent situation on 14th October were going on as well. ‘It is on the basis of solid evidence with me that I say, we have confirmed that he left the campus on the morning of 15th October in a three-wheeler. With regard to our efforts on the case, and because of sensitivity of the matter, only your office bearers will be debriefed, but on daily basis.’ He refused to entertain questions on action against the accused before the FIR was filed. Thereafter, students stayed back to sign the petition.

pjimage (2).jpgEarlier in the afternoon students had collected outside the ad block while the JNUSU office bearers and relatives of Najeeb along with an advocate went inside to meet the VC to ask the administration to intervene in the matter.

Mansi Singh and Kumar Prashant work for The Informer.