Inter-Hostel Cricket Tournament 2016: Tapti will Face Mahi Mandavi for the Finals on Saturday

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20 October 2016 | 2:50 PM: Since both Mahi Mandavi and Chandrabhaga were  till now considered as strong potential contenders for the Inter-Hostel Cricket Tournament shield; Thursday’s match was expected to be a close fight between the two teams. It did turn out to be a fiercely aggressive match, plenty of sledging by the MM players; Chandrabhaga’s intimidating persona, and both the teams confident from their last win.  Chandrabhaga, the team that has the honour of scoring the most number of runs in the tournament, 128/6 against Periyar, however was not to be; it lost the match to MM by 43 runs. The commentator at the beginning, had announced, “cricket anishchittaon ka khel hai” [cricket is a game of uncertainties], his words came back to haunt the Chandrabhaga team.



What cost Chandrabhaga the match, was the inability to get Varun, the opening batsman out. He went on to score 47 just 3 runs shy of a half century; had he done so he would have become the second batsman to score a 50 in the tournament after Ilyas’s brilliant 57 for Tapti against Brahmaputra. He was ably supported by Ronit, who came in third and together they had a partnership of 71 runs.

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Chandrabhaga fielders were kept busy

Runs poured in a steady manner for the MM team, and almost all the bowlers proved expensive for Chandrabhaga. Runs were contained to some extent during the overs bowled by Ajay; however the MM players showed great wisdom by going for singles during those overs and not letting the run rate drop. Abdul was most successful among the Chandrabhaga bowlers in terms of wickets, he got 3 wickets for 23 runs in 3 overs; he got Ronit out at 27 which was a crucial wicket for the team.


Varun got out at 47

Chandrabhaga it seems could not recover from the shock of having let MM amass 116 runs. It looked like they had difficulties in adjusting to the MM bowlers. Again it was Abdul who came as an opening batsman and defending Chandrabhaga’s bastions for a long time; he however could not get adequate support from the other batsmen. Later Bala and Abhay’s innings appeared to be promising; and the audience wondered why they weren’t sent to bat earlier. After the two got out, it was all downhill for Chandrabhaga.

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Abdul at the crease

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Vicky, Bala in action & after the wicket fell


Ashutosh managed to get an impressive 2 wickets for 7 runs in 3 overs; and was especially successful in not just subduing the runs but also unnerving the players. Stephen too got 2 wickets for 14 runs in the same number of overs.


Ronit after a dismissal


Mahi Mandavi faces Tapti for the finals on 22 October 2016, Saturday.


The Mahi Mandavi team


Match Scorecard:

Semi-Finals – 2: Mahi Mandavi vs Chandrabhaga

Mahi Mandavi won by 43 runs


Toss: MM won the toss, chose to bat


Mahi Mandavi (116/6)

Varun c ? b Abhay      47 (47b, 4×4)

Ayush b Nadeemm      1 (3b)

Ronit c ? b Abdul      27 (24b, 4×4)

Ajaydeva b Abdul      3 (2b)

Pawan b Abdul      0 (1b)

Stephen run out      10 (7b, 1×4)

Md Tariq not out      1 (1b)

Vikrant not out      5 (2b, 1×4)

Extras:     22

Total (15 overs):      116


Abhay      3-0-26-1

Nadeem      3-0-16-1

Aishwarya      3-0-34-1

Ajay      3-0-17-0

Abdul      3-0-23-3


Chandrabhaga (73/7)

Himanshu c ? b Ashutosh      0 (2b)

Abdul c ? b Stepphen     8 (20b)

Vishant c ? b Ashutosh      2 (5b)

Ajay c ? b Ajaydeva     7 (8b)

Vicky c ? b Kuldeep      4 (4b)

Sagar run out      1 (1b)

Bala b Stephen      8 (12b)

Abhay b Vikrant      18 (15b, 2×4)

Nadeem not out      2 (6b)

Lokesh not out      0 (5b)


Extras:      23

Total (15 overs):      73



Ashutosh      3-0-7-2

Ajaydeva      3-0-18-1

Stephen      3-0-14-2

Kuldeep      1-0-5-1

Shashikant    1-0-8-

Ronit      2-0-12-0

Vikrant      2-0-9-1

[Note: The scorekeeper made a mistake while adding the number of runs scored by Chandrabhaga. Chandrabhaga scored 73 and not 83. It was announced Chandrabhaga has scored 83 on the mic. The scorekeeper profusely apologizes for the error.]


Mahi Mandavi before going for fielding


Meanwhile at the stands


Pictures by Sunaina Dular

The Informer correspondent