It’s Our Birthday!

The Informer started as a Facebook page on October 28, 2015. Here we are, writing and writing, and looking at what we have achieved in the past one year. We have tried documenting the life of JNU in all its shades, and have reached more than thousands of people all over the world. We are pleased to present our most liked articles of the past one year. Please write to us, telling us what more do you want to see on our website and our page and send us creative inputs. We look forward to reading your constructive criticisms.

1. BAPSA: The Phenomenon that is Neither to the Left Nor to the Right. Read it here.


2.“You are the Mirror of the World”: Irom Sharmila to JNU Students. Read it here.


3.JNU Then and JNU Now—Part 2: In conversation with Soumyabrata Choudhury, Professor in the School of Arts and Aesthetics (SAA). Read it here.


4. What’s Left of What’s Right? The Questions We Need to Learn to Ask: Huzaifa Siddiqi’s Critique of Mr Paranjape’s Lecture during #StandWithJNU Movement. Read it here.


5. Politics in Posters: The Speaking Walls of JNU. Read it here.


6. JNU on HOLIday: Festival of Colours in Photos. See it here.


7.Tapti Triumphant: The Team Wins the Inter-Hostel Cricket Tournament 2016-17. Read it here.


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The Informer welcomes any and all JNU students, teachers and workers who wish to contribute to the newspaper.If you want to send us an Opinion, please read our Letter Policy. We’d be glad to publish you. Currently, we publish in English, Hindi, Malayalam and Urdu.

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The Informer Team.