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‘Good Tidings of Great Joy’: JNUCF Christmas Celebrations

13 November 2016 | 5:00 PM: As we live in extraordinary times full of vital transformative movements which can sometimes get nightmarish, JNU Christian Fellowship (JNUCF) family caught our eye. It can be essentially viewed as a closely-knit, alternative community or a support group on campus; JNUCF always strives to look out for one another. With their transformative definitions of what success possibly means to them, they are a constant reminder of human-worth in case one is susceptible to burnouts.

JNU Christian Fellowship recently concluded Christmas eve celebrations ‘Good Tidings of Great Joy’. Every November, when the semester comes to its fag end JNU Christian Fellowship organizes Christmas eve program for students leaving early, for home.

In correspondence, with JNUCF’s Event Coordinator- S. Wungrampha, a PhD Scholar from School of Life Sciences, in Stress Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology Lab, we learnt more about how they ‘profess faith in Jesus Christ and think of Bible as the written word of God’. Their activities comprises of ‘studying the Bible’, ‘praying’ and ‘engaging in conversations’, thus making attempts to understand as to how to tackle issues confronting the world today. ‘This’ he denotes, ‘is reflected in their active participation in campus politics, which is driven by Biblical understanding of God, which is centered around the idea of “justice”’. Graham marks how the society makes an effort to enrich their academic work through reasons shaped by Christian values, rather than separating ‘their’ convictions from ‘their personal work’.

Here is a photo-story from the night’s celebration at KC OAT on 12th of November, when a beautiful crowd gathered around the crowd swinging their heads from side to side, to the tunes of the choirs. Folding hands in reverie of the glorious night when Christ was born.


Rafa Kids performing dance during the event. These are AIDS effected/affected kids who stay at RAFA home, Saket


The crowd joining in with the performers


JNUCF skit team performing during the event


Plenty of gala time


Choir from Father Agnal School, Noida sector 62


Choir from Father Agnal School, Noida sector 62


Praise and worship team from the Covenant Life Church, Delhi

Sunaina and Jennifer work for The Informer.