Najeeb Case: JNUSU MarchesAgainst Admin’s Decision


11 December 2016| 11:40 PM: Around sixty students gathered at Ganga Dhaba at 9:30 PM today to march against JNU Administration’s decision on punishment for students found guilty in the proctorial enquiry; the Office of the Chief Proctor had on 8 December released a press note regarding the enquiry report that identified the students involved in the scuffle. The Vice Chancellor, approving the report, ruled that involved students change their hostels, and warned them “against repeating such actions in the future.”

The Student Union and most political groups except ABVP have been demanding stricter punishments for the students found guilty in the report. However, according to the representatives, the Vice Chancellor has declined to hold any further talks with the student leaders.

The students marched from Ganga Dhaba to Chandrabhaga in the winter night air and sloganeered against the  Vice Chancellor who they accused of succumbing to the RSS and the BJP government. Some went on to call him a stooge of the ruling party.

The march reached Chandrabhaga Hostel at around 10:45 PM where Vice President, SU started the protest meeting by reminding the students about the continued absence of Najeeb Ahmed, a 27-year old MA student from School of Biotechnology, JNU: “It’s been 57 days now and the police has no idea of whereabouts of our missing friend. What is missing from Administration’s side is accountability and justice.”

He emphasised on the dangers of “malicious communal campaign that has been going on in the campus” and urged the students to strengthen the movement.

“Our fight is against the ruling class that is communal and capitalist. All we have is the unity amongst us. It is highly imperative that we stand together.”

Sataruapa Chakraborty, General Secretary JNUSU then spoke about the rising number of show cause notices being sent to student activists for “petty reasons.” A number of activists from different political groups then took to the centre to talk upon the decisions of the Administration. The protest saw the participation of leaders from AISA, BAPSA, BASO, Collective, DSF, DSU and SFI.

JNUSU has urged students to join another protest at Administration Building on Tuesday at 2:00 PM to attack the Administration for its “shameless tokenism in the name of punishment.”

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