The Recent Police Raids in Campus Raises Some Pertinent Questions

20 December 2016: Following Delhi High Court’s decisions, Delhi Police searched JNU campus covering all hostels, schools, the central library, the forests and other premises to find Najeeb or to get some clues that could lead them to his whereabouts.

This search was conducted using horses and sniffer dogs, leaving the JNU community in the hope that this will bring some positive results, but this search raises lots of doubts also.

  • Why the campus search was conducted so late, after two months from the date of disappearance of Najeeb? Why the court or police did not initiate a search in the initial days itself?
  • Is the search in hostels an indication that the police still believes or even thinks that Najeeb is still hiding in JNU?! The probability is less than 1% indeed because it is not easy to hide from all for two months.
  • Could it be that the police thinks that Najeeb is being hidden by some students, say, Left party people to get his perpetrators punished?
  • Has the police assumed that he is being hidden by his assaulters?
  • Is it that the police is trying to find if he is being hidden by some staff members, perhaps some teachers? But why the search after two months delay? Any possible clue or evidence that could have helped them solve the mystery must have by now vanished.
  • Does the police think that he is killed and buried inside JNU, then did they try checking every nook and corner? Then how would a search after two months will enable them to find that out?
  • On the other hand, JNUSU demanded for a search in VC’s house also, but everyone may wonder what possible motive the VC might have for keeping Najeeb in his house, why would he do that?
  • VC is being criticized for Najeeb’s disappearance. Repeated conflicts with the administration has in fact further slowed down the process and has also at times dissipated people’s attention and participation. His alleged aloofness and so claimed ‘biases’ notwithstanding, the VC is not even concerned in this issue. Taking on VC is nothing but a political act that will have only negative consequences.


DSC_0005.JPGIn the end, it is good to know that the court and police are taking keen interest in finding Najeeb. The move will act as a boost for the students’ movement and its indomitable spirit to stand for the cause, in spite of the glitches that occured in between.

Yes, a heartbroken mother can still be seen waiting there. We need an answer. If Najeeb is alive, he should be able to return to his normal life, meet his mother and family, and pursue his education.


The Informer report