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Reviving Cultural Clubs in JNU: Performances Galore at the Inaugurals


Opening performance by the Dance club (Bawara)

23 January 2017| 3:00 PM: The cultural club inauguration ceremony began with a dance performance by the Music and Dance club. It was then followed by addresses by DoS Dr Rana Pratap Singh, cultural coordinator Prof Meeta Narain (CRS), and JNUSU-VP Amal P P at SSS I auditorium. Prizes were distributed for the photography and painting competition, the entries for the same were exhibited outside the auditorium. Later there were formal presentations made by the students to introduce the clubs to the audience.



The ten clubs that will be functional from hereon are: Debating club, Literary club, Nature and Wildlife club, Drama club, Photography club, Fine Arts club, Music and Dance club, UNESCO, and Film club. The management committee consists of a core member group comprising of four faculty members apart from the DoS and the cultural coordinator. The four faculty members are Dr Sudesh Yadav (SES) for Nature and Wildlife, Photography and UNESCO club, Prof Ishtiaque Ahmed (SLL&CS) for Film and Literary club, Dr Sheetal (SES) for debating and Fine Arts club and Dr Gautam Jha (SLL&CS) for Drama and Music and Dance club. There will be student conveners elected from each club who will work with the coordinators for the sooth functioning of the clubs.

Prof Narain said ‘all these clubs need to portray in some way or another the cultural activities of JNU.’ She laid out the cultural agenda: formalize all ten clubs in the university, promote in-house activities, encourage students participation in cultural events outside JNU and portray JNU as a cultural figure outside and finally come up with a journal of cultural activities every year. She also informed that the notice board outside DoS office as well as the IHA website will host all information regarding the clubs.


Group song presented by the Music club headed by Gautam Jha

There were plenty of performances in between to keep the audience glued. There was also a registration counter set up for the membership of the clubs. The club membership is limited to the students of JNU for a payment of annual fee of 50 Rupees. One can join maximum of three clubs at a time. About a hundred students were present at the inauguration ceremony. The program ended with a dance performance by students of the Dance club (Bawara) where Prof Narain was seen shaking a leg with the students.

Anjali Maurya is  a BA student at CRS and works for the News Pool of The Informer.