Ayesha Kidwai Elected Unopposed as JNU Teachers Association President


Here are the complete results of JNU Teachers Association 2017 that took place yesterday, 31 January 2017, but the Election Commissioner, Mr. Sharad K Soni has yet to release the notification in writing.

  1. AYESHA KIDWAI, President
  2. AMITABH SINGH, and MOHINDER SINGH, Vice President
  3. PRADEEP SHINDEY,  General Secretary
  4. BRAHM PRAKASH, and KARAN SINGH, Joint Secretary
  5. KHURSHID IMAM, Treasurer

The elected unopposed school representatives are:

  1. Vikas Rawal, SSS
  2. Bikramaditya Chaudhary, SSS
  3. Satya Narayan Prasad, SIS
  4. Madhu Sahni, SLLCS
  5. Fauzan Abrar, SLLCS
  6. Sonajharia Minz, SC&SS
  7. Kaushik Bhaumik, SAA
  8. Gajendra Pratap Singh, SCIS
  9. Ranjana Arya, SBT
  10. Ghazala Jamil, Special Centres

The following have been elected unopposed for GSCASH:

  1. Kali Chittibabu
  2. Mallarika Sinha Roy
  3. Moushumi Basu  Shukla
  4. Vinayak Sawant

We are still awaiting the final written notification by the Election Commissioner.

The Informer Report. 


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