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Kaleidoscope of Folk Cultures at Basant Utsav 2017

18 February 2017| 5:30 PM: Cultural Activities Committee (IHA) in association with Dastkari Haat Samiti organized spring festival celebrations that included folk performances, crafts bazar and design workshop at the KC OAT, JNU.

Here are the highlights of the programme, captured and compiled by our photographer.

‘“Saved by dance”: this phrase is a translation of the slogan “naci se baci”, a phrase in Nagpuri, a regional (and Indo-Aryan, non-tribal) language of the Jharkhand region…The phrase and its translation were created in 1993 by Dr Ram Dayal Munda…In a 1995 conversation, he revised his earlier translation. “Saved by dance”, he said, implied that the people of Jharkhand (and implication the “tribals” in particular) need to be saved by some external means. Dr. Munda now prefers “He or she who dances, survives” or more concisely, “by dance, survive.” “Naci se baci” recalls a similar phrase ubiquitously quoted with authority in ethnographies of the “tribes”…“The tribe that dances cannot die.” Both phrases have the ring of folklore, traditional wisdom, and ageless expressions of identity.’

– Carol Babiracki, ‘“Saved by Dance”: The Movement of Autonomy in Jharkhand’


At the festival of spring in JNU


The Craft Exhibition


Curious onlookers gaze at the artifacts on display


Adorned in spring-time glory


Swaying to the beats of Rajasthani folk – the JNU Dance Club 


 From the region bordering Nepal, Rungmung (Rung people) dance being performed by two Rungshyas – Srishti Nabiyal and Megha Gunjyal


From the dense forests of the Central India – Tribal dance performed by Jharkhand Tribal Students Assoc


The colourful splashes and swirls of the Garbha dance


And everyone from the audience joined in


Songs of Spring from the Himalayas – Ladaki dance


The poise and charm of the Manipuri dance


Choreography incorporating relevant social messages for the audience


The revels of the day, led to the festivities under the shimmering lights and clear night sky 

Sunaina Dular (PhD, SIS) works for The Informer


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