‘A JNU without Krish…’: Students Remember the Resilient Spirit of Krish


16th March 2017| 6:30 PM: As the condolence meeting called by JNUSU for our fellow Muthukrishnan took place amidst the din and clatter of Jhelum Lawns , candles were lit in his memory and chance encounters with Krish were narrated.

JNUSU, Vice-President Satrupa, aired her concerns about deteriorating relations among individuals felt across the campus. While pointing out the pressures and humiliations that one suffers, heavy price is being paid in the form of sacrifice of life, and this is intolerable, she said.

We gathered from his friends who spoke at the meet that Krish showed no visible signs of distress and it still remains to be seen as to why he decided to isolate himself in a friend’s room at Munirka before attempting suicide.

Strong appeals were made to the student community to avoid sharing disturbing visuals of Krish and respect his privacy and to not undermine the whole situation.

His unrivalled struggles and achievements found several mention; while one of the speaker, reminded us of how we need to do away with passing quick judgements because one’s own pain is immeasurable and cannot be compared with others.

Parthivan, a close friend of Krish, residing in Jhelum hostel expressed his deep shock because he couldn’t read any signs of grief from his mate who had landed up in his room the previous day asking for some Tamil Movies. Shocked by the whole episode he still remains in a state of denial that Krish could have brought this onto himself.

From the many Facebook posts that is largely being shared on internet, one feels moved by his simplicity and is brought closer to his resilient side when he turns to humour in his soliloquy; he says “Every year I used to sit under Nehru Statue, and I used to ask Nehru…Please Nehruji, we all from our family are voting for Congress…Why you don’t want to educate me?”.

“If JNU was his dream place to be in, it has miserably let him down”, remarked one of the speakers rightly. But an introspection on this incident has led to different opinions among circles of teachers and students, and is not going to dwindle soon.

BAPSA called for a protest demo outside Admin Block at 2 PM on Thursday. A smattering of students joined in the protest. Previously, ABVP organized a condolence meet on Tuesday, following the news of his sad departure.

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