JNU Annual Athletics Meet 2016-17: Anamika and Munesh Bag Best Athlete Award

24 March 2017: JNU Annual Athletics Meet 2016-17 was held in the Sports Complex JNU from 20 March to 22 March 2017. The event included 17 events for men and women who are students of JNU. The Dean of Students Prof. R. P. Singh, Chairperson Prof Jayant Tripathy, Dr Arnab Bhattacharya and Dr Krishnendra Meena were also present on the inauguration day of the 3 days meet to encourage the students. There were around 50 participants who were judged for their performances by well qualified officials who were specially invited to conduct the sports programme.

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Participants with the officials at the venue

100 metres (men/women), 200 metres (men/women), 400 metres (men/women), 800 metres (men/women), 1500 metres (men/women),  5000 metres (men), shot put, javelin throw and discus throw were the events in which students participated. The male athletes turnout was comparatively higher than that of female athletes. However, there were stellar performances by women athletes, far out-stripping the best athletes among men.


Anamika Singh adjudged the best female athlete, Harbhajan Singh (right)

Anamika Singh (MA, CSSS/SSS) established herself as an all-rounder bagging medals in all the major sports categories. She was adjudged the best female athlete by winning 3 gold  (200 metres, 400 metres and javelin throw), 2 silver (800 metres, 1500 metres) and 3 bronze medals (100 metres, shot put and discus throw).


Anamika had an impressive tally of 3 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals

Anamika is also a member of the JNU Mountaineering Club and an avid volleyball player, she is currently in the final year in MA Sociology.


Shobhna finished second in 400 metres, with Jagruti a close third

Pragya Tripathi  (PhD, SCMM) had an overhaul of 3 gold medals (100 metres, 800 metres and shot put) and 1 silver medal (discus throw), while Shobhna (PhD, SIS) secured 1 gold  (1500 metres) and 1 silver medal  (400 metres).



Participants for the men’s 400 metres dash  race

Munesh Yadav  (MA, CIL/SL) bagged the award for best male athlete by winning 3 gold (200 metres, 400 metres and 800 metres) and 2 silver medals (1500 metres and discus throw).

Sachidananda Naik  (MPhil, SCSS) secured 2 gold medals (1500 metres and 5000 metres). Shubham Kujur  (MA, CL/SL), Suraj Singh Rana (BA, CGS/SL) and Garvit Patel (CSPILAS/SL) each bagged a gold medal in 100 metres, shot put and discus throw respectively. Harbhajan Yadav (BA, CPCAS/SL) on the other hand won 3 silver medals (100 metres, 5000 metres and shot put) and 1 bronze medal(discus throw).



Sachidananda Naik  (R), Munesh Yadav  (Second R) at the 1500 metres track event


The winners are to be felicitated with prizes and medals. While, all participants received meal coupons for TEFLAS by Dr Vikram Singh, Asst Director, P.E.

B. S. Rawat of Engineering Department, Dr. Gautam Patra Health center, JNU and Naveen Yadav from Security Office extended their valuable assistance for the smooth conduct of the athletics meet.

Here is the final result for JNU Athletics Meet 2017:

Final Results (Men):

100 metres

Shubham Kujur  (MA, CL/SL) – 12.6 secs

Harbhajan Yadav  (BA, CPCAS/SL) – 13.06

Sahdev Arya  (MPhil, SCSS) – 13.8


200 metres 

Munesh Yadav (MA, CIL/SL) – 26.35

Abhinay (BA, CPCAS/SL) – 26.98

Sandeep (BA, CPCAS/SL) – 27.18


400 metres

Munesh Yadav (MA, CIL/SL) – 1

Sachidananda Naik (MPhil, SCSS) – 1.03

Mohanlal Meena (BA, CPCAS/SL) – 1.05


800 metres

Muneesh Yadav (MA, CIL/SL) – 2.33

Abhinay (BA, CPCS/SL) – 2.36

Vivek Kumar (BA, CFFS/SL) – 2.49


1500 metres

Sachidananda Naik (MPhil, SCSS) – 5

Munesh Yadav (MA, CIL/SL) – 5.09

Mohanlal Meena (BA, CPCAS/SL) – 6.01


5000 metres

Sachidananda Naik (MPhil, SCSS) – 23.31.41

Harbhajan Yadav (BA, CPCAS/SL) -24.44.21

Jitendra Kumar Verma (SCSS) – 28.05.31


Shot put

Suraj Singh Rana (BA, CGS/SL) – 7.95 ft

Harbhajan Yadav (BA, CPCAS/SL) – 7.90

Kshireshwarmeher (SES) – 7.88


Discus Throw

Garvit Patel (CSPILAS/SL) – 24.42

Munesh Yadav (MA, CIL/SL) – 21.46

Harbhajan Yadav (BA, CPCAS/SL) – 21.35


Javelin Throw

Sandeep (BA, CPCAS/SL) – 37.86

Rajkumar Chourasia (BA, CAAS/SL) – 32.21

Mohit Yadav (BA, CAAS/SL) – 30.54


Final Results (Women):

100 metres

Pragya Tripathi  (PhD, SCMM) – 16.6 secs

Neha Sehra (MPhil, CSSP) – 17.1

Anamika Singh (MA, CSSS/SSS) – 18.6


200 metres

Anamika Singh (MA, CSSS/SSS) – 40.59

Ashi (BA, CFFS/SL) – 41.45

Priyanka (MA, CSSS/SSS) – 42.64


400 metres

Anamika Singh (MA, CSSS/SSS) – 1.28

Shobhna (PhD, SIS) – 1.34

Jagruti Maharana (MPhil, CAS/SIS) – 1.39


800 metres

Pragya Tripathi (PhD, SCMM) – 3.33

Anamika Singh (MA, CSSS/SSS) – 3.41

Ashi (BA, CFFS/SL) – 3.56


1500 metres

Shobhna (PhD, SIS) – 7.02.61

Anamika Singh (MA, CSSS/SSS) – 7.32.52

Shikha Singh (PhD, CES/SL) – 8.13.52


Shot put 

Pragya Tripathi (PhD, SCMM) – 5.69 feet

Shivangi Swaraj (BA, CAAS/SL) – 5.6

Anamika Singh (MA, CSSS/SSS) – 5.35


Discus Throw

Sharamon Roy (MA, SL) – 15.48

Pragya Tripathi (PhD, SCMM) – 14.5

Anamika Singh (MA, CSSS/SSS) – 12.98


Javelin Throw

Anamika Singh (MA, CSSS/SSS) – 16.45

Mouparna (MPhil, CMS/SSS) – 8.56

Jagruti Maharana (MPhil, CAS/SIS) – 8.08



The Informer correspondent. With inputs from Dr Vikram Singh, Asst Director, PE.