ABVP – Still a strong contender in Left dominated JNU

The electoral win by the Left unity in JNU is being celebrated as the defeat of ABVP that was working hard to raise it’s head high in the red bastion. ABVP campaigned with all it’s might and had brought 3 Chief Ministers from the northeast to cement it’s claim. But ABVP could not benefit from its strategies. The unexpected defeat in the School of Life Sciences and Physical Sciences forced them to resort into violence and disrupt the smooth process of counting.

The JNU student community may be happy that ABVP is lost because it had firmly stood with anti-student VC instead of fighting his authoritarian approach. In the sexual harassment case against Johri, ABVP acted against the will of Life Science students.

In votes





1048 1042 982

Vice President

1157 1028


Gen. Secretary

1330 975


Joint Secretary

968 930


In Percentage

2016 2017 2018


20.39 22.46 18.93

Vice President

22.51 22.15


Gen. Secretary

25.88 21.01


Joint Secretary

18.84 20.04


A closer look at the election data of the last three years, shows that ABVP is still a strong contender in the campus. Despite losing the election to the Left Unity formed by the four Left parties in the campus, ABVP’s performance has been consistent. For the presidential post, there has been a reduction of 3.53% votes. The same is the trend for the vice-president post. But the vote share has increased for both General Secretary and Joint secretary. For the former the increment is 0.64% but for the latter it is 4.01% from 2017 and 5.21% from 2016. This may be because of two reasons, Left Unity’s weak candidates and popularity of ABVP candidates among common students.

The data shows that ABVP has not been rejected in the campus and it can still continue working to woo the voters. ABVP could finish second in all 4 positions ahead of BAPSA and NSUI.

The author is a research scholar from School of Social Sciences


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