Shikha Singh                 Sesquipedalian.

D. Jennifer                      And while you dream of Jenny with the light brown hair, she’ll assign you work, and have you toil in the (harsh) summer air! Tea connoisseur, loves watching airplanes in the sky.

Mansi Singh                   She was born with roses in her eyes.

Manvendra Patel           The Informer’s Chief Informant! Has a solution to every problem under the sun.

Dhaval Bhate                  Parses daily conundrums, into poetry and art. 

Sunaina                             All she needs is a camera

Arslaan MD Belal            The smart aleck!

Upama Bhattacharya     An introvert who’ll talk plenty if she gets to choose the topic.

Abhishek                           Flecks in an infinite cosmos.

Ankita Jha                         Sunrise, sunset, she’s her own personal light show.

Iqbal Vavad                      Man of few words but infinite resources.

kumar prashant             running lamb!

Asiya Baqar Naqvi         Her chemical romance is a medical slowdance.

Anjali                                The fast learner.

Lakhyajit Taid                He’s always game. Sports enthusiast and life participant.

Shilpa Bharti                   No strife, happy life.

Divisha Srivastava        The star photographer!

Fuzail Asar Siddiqi        Editing all the way.

Gargi Binju                      The Informer’s Informer.

Chaitanya Haram           Writing, Synthesisers, Photography and Biotechnology!

Shreya                                THE photographer, from marches to food fests.


People who have worked with us in the past: 

Sibel Güner                       Winter 2016

Arushi Sharan                  Monsoon 2015, Winter 2016

Gundula Haage                Winter 2016

Shreya Rawat                    Winter 2016

Aakanksha D’Cruz          Winter 2016

Swati Singh                       Winter 2016

Jayanti Garg                       Winter 2016